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We started swaddling my boy at birth (to be accurate the NICU nurses swaddled him to start.) At 20 months, when he is having trouble falling asleep, he still loves to be swaddled. Seriously - i will bring out the swaddling cloth, and his crying will cease, a soft smile takes over his face and he sometimes even giggles while I wrap him up. once I put the pacifyer in his mouth his entire body usually goes limp, and after a minute of rocking he is out like a light. Anyone else experience this with older babies/toddlers?


Brandi - posted on 10/17/2009




I have not experienced this, my kids didn't really care for the swaddling thing. But i say if it works, do it. It isn't causing any harm to him physically or socially or anything. Lots of kids like to have a blanket or be snuggled tight. good for you that you found something that he loves so much. :-)))


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Jessica - posted on 10/19/2009




My son loved to be swaddled he is now 17 months and is just always on the go, but he was swaddled up until almost a year old. Eventually he got to big for the receiving blankets and i had to use a baby blanket!If he still would let me do it or wanted me to do it i definately would.

Maureen - posted on 10/18/2009




My kids didn't enjoy being swaddled. It was a game for them to see how fast they could get out of it. Enjoy this time that he still lets you do it. He just wants the extra closeness and he feel secure. He will grow out of it when he is ready. My one son has blanket with him and the other just has a pacifier. All kids are different. Cherish the time it goes by so fast.

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