swing needs to go!!

Ashley - posted on 10/23/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




So we messed up some where our youngest will only sleep in her swing this wasnt a problem for us when it first started because she was so little and it was the only thing that calmed her but now it needs to go she is almost 18 months old when she falls into a sound sleep we move her to her crib but we can't get her to fall asleep in the crib.. and as of right now just letting her cry it out is NOT a option we live in a small apt with nosey neigbours who also have a baby and will complain if our children wake up theirs we are moving soon but just dont know when yet it could be next month or another couple months *sigh* anyways I need help the swing needs to go because a new baby is being born (not to us) and the swing has been promised to her PLEASE PLEASE help


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Stephanie - posted on 10/26/2010




Try getting her to focus her attention on a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Or tell her the swing had to go take a nap it was tired!!! I have had to do that and it worked!!!

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Like Susan we had the issue around 6ish months and now at 14 months she sleeps in her crib. Have you tried maybe adjusting her to a big girl bed, she is 18 months and depending on her may be ready? Even just a mattress on the floor even? My daughter "cried it out" once, for under 20 mins and she was fussing. She did it when she was ready (we just kept pushing her). It was alot of staying in her room rubbing her back. I would say just take the swing away, when she is tired enough she will sleep (it may be a long couple of nights for you though), maybe even try taking her for a walk or for a car ride until she is asleep...Good Luck!

Erin - posted on 10/25/2010




Why don't you try putting her in the swing until she is very tired but not asleep yet then move her into her crib, then try weaning her off.

Susan - posted on 10/25/2010




We had the same problem with our daughter only napping in the swing even though she'd sleep in the crib at night. We broke the habit around 6 months when she was outgrowing her swing so it was probably easier then. I would just suggest to make sure she's really tired before you put her in there. That way she might not fight it as much. The other mom's idea was good too, then you can wean her off the rocking.

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