Taking away the pacifier at age 1

Erica - posted on 07/31/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




The current discussion got me wondering, has anyone tried taking away the pacifier between ages 1 & 2? Was it miserable? How did you do it (Gradually / cold turkey)? I've heard a lot of stories about what to tell older toddlers, but what about when they wouldn't understand? I was going to do it at 12 mo, but decided to focus on weaning from the bottle first. Are there benefits to taking the pacifier before age 2? (That's when I'm currently planning on taking them.)


Melanie - posted on 08/01/2009




I took my son's paci away when he was just under 2, my daughter's at 2 1/2. I don't think it's absolutely necessary yet,(from what I've heard they don't interfere w/ teeth until age 3) but if you want to try, I can tell you what I did.

I started by only allowing it when they were sleeping. As soon as they were up for the day, I put it up. I never made a fuss about it, just said, "oh, that's only for sleeping, silly!", then tried to distract them. At bedtime, I would attempt to put them down without it, and only give it to them when requested. If you do that for a while, eventually they will get used to having their mouth free and they will forget to ask for it when they go to bed. (Even if a 1 year old can't talk, you can still tell they are wanting it, by gestures, noises, etc.). As soon as they manage to take a full nap or sleep all night without it, I took that as the cue they didn't need it anymore and it got "lost". And that was that, "Sorry, it's lost". I think this only took about a week or two with my son, and about a month with my daughter, and was quite painless.

Good luck!


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We "lost" our kids pacifier at 11 months. Both kids were off the pacifier and the bottle by their 1st birthday. Thank goodness that was one thing they didn't fight. Just had a couple of rough nights but only lasted maybe 2 nights. It was good.

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We took my 3y.o. daughter's pacifier away at age 18 mo., then only allowed it at night. Then we took it away at about 2.5 yrs (after she had 6 mo. to adjust to a new sibling). We took it away gradually, and she was fine by the time we took it away. Note: We did experience a few tantrums about it. But by the time we got to the finish line, we were able to have her throw the binks away (she told the binks it was time to go away so she could be a 'big girl'). We also rewarded her for being a big girl and made a big thing of it. I believe we got her a dino as a big girl reward :)

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I did the exact same thing with my son as Melanie. My son took his paci at naptime and bedtime from the time he was 15 months until he was 3. We would have taken it away a little sooner except he had a fall that caused his front tooth to go back up into his gum and the dentist said that the pacifier would help sooth his gum and help the tooth work its way back down through the gum. When he turned 3 he lost it in the couch. I knew where it was but I just waited to see what he would do and after searching and not finding it he just forgot about it. He was a little fussy so I gave him a sippy cup of water beside his bed and he drank alittle before laying down and it soothed him to know he could take a sip if he needed it. I do not know if the sipping from the sippy cup helped break him from his constant need of having something in his mouth but when he felt the need to suck he would take a sip from his cup and then lay back down. This phase lasted a few weeks. But actually, you will know what to do when the time is right. Just be patient and know these days will not be forever. Enjoy them while you can. I know because my children are grown and on their own. Best of luck to you and your baby. Just trust in your instincts. My mom thought I was awful for letting my son have a paci from the time he was 2 and up until he was 3 but he is grown and it did not hurt him in any way to have his paci till he was 3.

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