Taking her own diaper off.

Brita - posted on 08/23/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is 22 months old, and lately she's started taking off her diaper while in bed. We've only recently started potty training, so I think that's part of it? I tried putting her sleepers on backwards, but she figured that out quickly, so now I've been using duct tape across the front. Does anyone have any other suggestions for helping with this?


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LaQuan - posted on 08/24/2010




my daughter is doing the same thing but she is wearing pullups and she tears a lose the sides to take them off i just put them back on and put a onesie and some pants on her and that takes longer for her to take off because she cant really undo the snaps to good yet.

Diane - posted on 08/24/2010




tell her not too. if she does it again tap her on the butt. unless she is takeing of a wet diaper or has to use the potty but if she is just doing it becasue she can tell her she can't and re enforce it.

Julie - posted on 08/24/2010




My son is 20 months old and he does the same thing. We haven't started potty training him yet. I tried putting diapers on backwards and that doesn't work at all it only takes a minute for them to figure that out. All I can suggest is every time she takes it off put her on the toilet and say "The only time you are allowed to take of your diaper is when you have to go potty." I don't think it's a good idea telling/fighting with her to leave it on if at other times you're telling her to take it off to use the toilet. Seems to me like she'd get mixed messages. But, I'm not potty training yet so I don't really know =\

Brita - posted on 08/23/2010




I always put pajamas on her, whether it's a top and pants, or a sleeper. She just strips.

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