Teaching ABC'S to a 4 yr old.

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My hubby and I have recently taken in our precious God-Daughter. We are trying to teach her the alphabet. She knows the song and will sing it all day. However trying to teach her what each letter is doesn't register to her. We will repeat the same letter 5-10 times and when I ask her to tell me what it is on her own. She either forgets or says another letter. Then when she says a wrong letter my two year old will tell her what the letter is and she gets very discouraged, embarrased and just completley shuts down. To where we have to do it alone. Is there a way I can keep it fun and teach her and my two year old at the same time that actually teaches.


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Carol - posted on 11/09/2008




If you're ok with videos...I love the Leap Frog Video called "Letter Factory". My daughter loves it and knows the letters plus sounds. It makes if fun and teaches at the same time- both the children will enjoy it.

Jessica - posted on 11/09/2008




My daughter also loved the Letter Factory DVD and it coordinates with the fridge magnets as well. Keeping it fun and simple, no pressure is the best advice!

Judi - posted on 11/09/2008




I absolutly love the dvd THE LETTER FACTORY by leapfrog. It teaches letter recognition and the sound each letter makes. It is so worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son by 3 knew his abcs and their sounds.

Ashley - posted on 11/08/2008




Get some letter magnets and first teach her the first letter of her name, then the letters of other names - like your daughters, etc. Say "find the c for Connie..." etc. Tell your two year old it's her turn, then tell her it's the other girls turn - don't let the two year old answer for her, I can see why that would be embarrasing. If she gets it wrong, simply say "that's a great try", then hand her the letter. Say "this is C for Connie" and go on to your daughter. Dont' let them answer for each other, and keep it fun and simple. She may have some reading delays or some kind of learning disability. Keep trying and keep it slow and simple.

Another thing you can do is get a set of dolls or something like that that has the letters - I will include a link to some ideas - some of the kits are expensive, but you could make something similar, or make letter people paper dolls, etc.


Good luck

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