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My 9 month old is teething and all of the sudden, out of the blue, she will start screaming and won't calm down with anything until the pain goes away. I give her the teething rings, humphries and my last resort is tylenol. Does anyone have any home remedies they can share? THANKS Wendy


Kelly - posted on 12/02/2008




Sucking on a cold wet washcloth. Let her gum a whole, full length carrot. Just make sure any really skinny end is cut off so she can't bite any off, but it's cold and hard and round like a finger so they can get it lengthwise or in the back - mine liked that. Hyland's teething tablets are great, and made out of milk calcium and chamomile so soothing and natural ( I actually give them to babies who are overtired and fighting sleep because calcium and chamomile are both natural relaxants / sedatives. Ya know, like a warm glass of milk at bed to help you sleep :D). But I personally wouldn't hold back on the tylenol, just me. I know if I had a bad toothache I would want to take something for it. And since teething is such a rather short lived thing, and you usually don't have to give it to them round the clock anyway, I see no harm. I just don't like to see them suffer like that. Hope that helps.

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