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the last week my 2yr old has gone from a happy little boy to a crying,clingy,tantrum throwing and head banging little man.... never in his life has he done this... and its all happened over night... i have noticed 1 of his molers coming through, could this be the cause?? and how can i help him?? ive benn giving him panadol an cold stuff to eat but he doesn't seem to really want to eat......


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My 2 year old recently did the same thing, and the other thing he did was stop sleeping at night. He would whine, be miserable, wake up frequently and be awake for long periods of time. My doctor told me it was his teeth and told me about this stuff she always uses with her own kids, and it has saved both our lives! LOL They're called "Highland's teething tablets." You can buy them over the counter at Walmart, or any drugstore. They are a homeopathic pill, all natural ingredients, no drugs at all! It has things like chammomile in it that soothe them and relieve the pain. They are super tiny and dissolve instantly. They are flavorless, so you can even put it in a spoon of icecream, or you can just dissolve it on their tongue. My little guy loves them! (I think he thinks it's candy) They work amazingly, and they are so safe you can even use them on tiny babies! You can give 2-3 tablets every 2 hours around the clock! They are usually both in the pharmacy and the baby section at Walmart. Trust me- THEY WORK!!!!!!! Hope this helps!

Karrie - posted on 11/08/2009




molars are the worst.i found that childrens motrine helps the best for teething cuz it really taes down the swelling of the gums...but if panadol or tylenol isnt helping try baby oragel. are you sure he isnt sick? or it could be a case of the "terrible twos". i swear i never thought it existed but my son was a very happy baby...with the occasional tantrum. it seemed like the day he turned 2 he did a complete 180. screaming and throwing fits. i think it has alot to do with the communication barrier. they are at the point where they know what they want but they cant put it into words and they become frustrated. it may just be a phase he is going through. i hope this was helpful.

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