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Suzanne - posted on 08/03/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




any advice would be great cos am at my wits end. my lad is nearly at his terrible 2s and boy dont i know it. am getting to the point a dont want to go out with him any where cos all he does is scream. he is a very active lad so being put in a stroller or trolly or high chair doesnt go down very well. shopping is the worst. a cant trust him to walk by me as he will just run off but rains he hates so 9 times out of 10 he will be just dangling their on some string lol. av tried everything to stop these outburst by just talking too him or giving him something too keep him busy but nothing seems to work. people stare at me and roll thier eyes and a feel so terrible. when a try and get down too his level and tell him not to scream it makes him worse and a then get hit kicked and screamed at evan more. a cant stay in all the time but going out is becoming such a chore. a need some advice to try and make things easier xx


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We dealt with that for awhile. I still get down to his level and tell him I understand his frustration but we need to finish this. My DS had an outburst just before his third birthday in the grocery store. I told him, oh no we would not have that. I took him out of the cart and spanked him on the behind. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make him think. he continued the behavior and I pointed to the corner and said you will go stand in the corner. he went and he sat and screamed. I told him to quit or he would be there longer. he stopped. it takes lots of effort but it is possible to get them to stop in the store or in public. I also when it gets bad talk in the third person. Seems to help depending on what it is. I get down and tell him, Daniel is not going to hit, AND Daniel will go and apologize. He says ok, and he goes and says sorry. My son normally is in the cart though. There are times when we are just running in and running out for one or two items that he does not. Time out has become consistent. *shrugs* even in public.
That's just what we do. We do not tolerate it at home, and still wont' tolerate it in public. As for restaurants, we used to take a few toys, and when we ordered our drinks and/or appetizers we order his food. We still do it and it keeps him occupied.

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