Terrible two's

Ashley - posted on 02/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 and a half yrs old and throws terrible fits. She kicks and screams. Her screams are so loud my neighbors have come over to see if every thing was ok . She bangs her head into things if she doesnt get her way and is very aggressive to me and her brother scratching pinching hitting and pulling hair included. I've tried timeouts and removing her from whatever situation where r in (store, playground, my sons school etc. Nothing seems to work and Im losing my mind. I have lost my temper and screamed at her and Im ashamed to admit it but even spanked her out of frustration, I know yelling and spanking obviously doesnt work 2 negatives dont make a positive! Any suggestions?!


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I really like using the techniques of Love and Logic. They are all about calmness and choices, and it is a surprisingly easy way to parent.
What I REALLY like is that they teach you a technique, then walk you through several examples of how to use it, and hten tell you all the ways it can go wrong or backfire, and then how to counter those issues.

They have free resources on their website, you can buy streaming video and audio, CDs and books - and I am sure many libraries have the books. I bought the "early childhood" package for like $60 and it has made my life with my son really awesome. he still has his moments, but I constantly get complments for how well behaved and polite he is.



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I just removed mine from the room when they threw a tantrum like that. I kept moving them back to their room and explained ONCE that when they settled down she could come out and we would talk.

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