terrible twos

Kaz - posted on 12/02/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




mu daghter is 2 and a half but shes so naughty she screams constantly bites kicks punches slaps anything horrible she can be really god but not very often lol antone help x


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Kelly - posted on 12/02/2008




Ever watch SuperNanny? Be consistent. Same punishment, every time. Don't allow it AT ALL. It happens, time out. No ifs ands or buts. And time out til she's calm for 2 mins. If you are at all permissive then it doesn't work. And don't say a word. You have to remain calm, and the less you say the better. Then apology, and a hug.

Jennifer - posted on 12/02/2008




When my little girl got to the age of being naughty, I found myself getting frustrated, too, because I couldn't figure out (at least in my own mind) how to be consistent with my disciplining and to get my point across effectively. The thing that helped me the most was reading "Changing Your Child's Heart" by Steve Sherbondy. It was nice to have a whole progression of discipline laid out for me to see so then I could decide what I agreed with and could try, which I did with really good results. Most of the time now when I have problems with my 2-1/2 year old daughter, it's because I get too riled up with her misbehavior and I forget to stay cool and consistent with the principles I had been using. When I go back and apply what the book says, life gets better for everyone.

Kristie - posted on 12/02/2008




Two words for you..... TIME OUT. designate a time out spot away from distractions and sit her there for 2-3 minutes. If she gets up put her right back and start the time over until she sits there for the designated time. I have an almost 3 year old and a 1 year old and babysit my niece who is almost 2. My neice hits and is somewhat mean and I put her in timeout for 2 minutes if I see intentional bad behavior. I notice her bad behavior comes out when she is tired. If it continues I send her for a nap.

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