Terrible Twos Please any Advie

Erica - posted on 02/25/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I have an 18 month old little boy who use to be the sweetest well behaved child. He loved to do things for himself and was a big daddy's boy. Every since little sissy (3 months) came home things changed drastically. He refuses to do things on his own now, he quite wanting to try and potty train, he throws himself on the floor and hits his head, if we put him in his time out corner he bangs his head on the wall, he likes to hit and kick sissy, he pulls things off the shelfs, he throws his toys, we have takend toys away, we now a blocked off play area, we do time outs, we've regressed back to sippy cups. We don't let him try and play with sissy much anymore. I just don't know what to do, he screams if u tell him no, he will lay in the floor kicking and screaming. I just dont know what to do for him. And unlike every before if im gone for two mins he cries non stop. Any adivice, im desperate


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I agree with Anne, he probably feels like he is not getting all the attention from mom anymore..make "special time" when it is just the two of you. My kids are 2yrs apart and when my daughter was born my son went through a similar stage and as I included him in "helping" me feed her, change her and dress her after a few weeks he stopped acting out. I kept telling him that he was the big brother and that I needed him to help me with his sister. He then started to enjoy helping me with her and playing with his sister. As far as the acting out and temper tantrums go, just totally ignore him. Most kids will act out just to get your attention, if you ignore him and he realizes your not paying attention to him he will stop. Even to this day with my 4yr old son and 2yr old daughter when they go through their "fits" I just walk away into another room and within a few minutes they stop. It will take time for him to adjust but it will get better. Good luck.

Anne - posted on 02/28/2009




hey there what he is experiencing is a backwards moment . i happens to some children when a major change happens in their lives . he probably feels like he is being replaced in some way, not getting the same amount of attention as before . try and make a timewhere its just the 2 of you when the baby is asleep , make it his special time with mummy ask him what he would like to do.. and even as the baby gets older try and make it a morning out something like that . my best friend found that by stil including her son in feeding time with the new baby worked as she could still give him attention why he colured on the floor next to her  .  with the sippy cup thing thats just him wantig to get the same attention as the baby like reverting back to a baby which is where tantrums and crying comes into it as when the baby cries you will g and pik the baby up ...it is a hard transition  bu he will getthrough it.


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