Terrible twos starting at 18 months!!! Help!!!!

Tammy - posted on 12/05/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi. I've got 3 kids at home 2 boys and a girl. My boys were dreams to raise and never went through the terrible two stage. Now, my daughter, as gorgeous is she is, is already starting with the tantrums, crying and screaming cause she wont get her way! God help me over the next year or so. Tsis one is really going to test me! Big time!!!


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Tammy - posted on 12/05/2008




Well I reckon its a girl thing too!!! But at least I can say I too am definitely not giving in to her. Besides, what's the point of having a tantrum if no-one's watching, right? Thanks for the tips girls...at least I can say with all faith, that even though things will probably get worse before they better, I know they will end eventually!!!!

Stephanie - posted on 12/05/2008




I read in a Parents magazine that the half years are the worst. Like a year and a half, two and a half and so on seem to be the ages that they have more tantrums. And when they are 2 and 3 and so on they seem to settle down. My son is 19 months and he is starting to get mad now when I don't let him do something that he wants to do. He doesn't throw too many tantrums yet, but I'm sure they are coming.

Tanya Bauer - posted on 12/05/2008




I feel your pain, and I'm adding to it! We have a little girl, almost 21 months, and she has the worst tantrums. Fortunately I am not giving in. She always throws them about nothing, not over something good! We will have our 2nd in March and I told my husband "welcome to the next 4 years!"

Amy - posted on 12/05/2008




It must be a girl thing! My son was a breeze at this age. And then I get girls!! My 3-yr old has outgrown it, but I also have a 19-month old who is right in the midst of it. Such drama!! Stay strong, my friend...this too shall pass!!!

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