the Ex, but y does she get a say? when all she wants is the money!

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im so sick of parents complaining and going through court. you once loved that other parent and you had a little baby together.

why do mums think they have rights over the farther? my husband has a three year old daughter, and has being battling it out in court fo two years.

thats right two years ago the cops came and ripped my step daughter out of her cot. = she still sleeps in our bed because she has night terrors.

& b4 you think it, the bio mother of my step daughter left the dad for a guy she meet on the net it has nothing to do with me. she commited fruad even put a phone bill in this babies name, i kid you not! and does she even get a slap on the wrist NO!

baby bonus babies! and thats what this child was! pathetic.

my biggest question is!!!

why is the mum still being an unreaonsable cow and dragging us through court because she fills that "another night" is to much for the child???

well here are the facts.

FEB 2009 - cops rip child out of cot

FEB - March 09 - mum denies father access

Mar 09 - coz mum denies father acess and father has not being able to see daughter for a lill while, mum forces father to have supervised vists for 6 months b4 ova night vists start

May - 09 - ova night vists have not started yet but bio mum is meeting guys off the net and dosnt want kid.

May - 09 court order child can stay with father 3 nights a fortnight and that it will go up when child adjusts

June 09- bio mum finds out she is pregnant and dosnt want child any more dumps on father for 8-9 nights a fortnight

july - 09 court orders father has child 5 nights a fortnight

oct 09 - father updates the time he is spending with child through centrelink & child support mother pulls pin on it.

Jan 2010 - father has to quit his job so he gets more time with his daughter.

bio mum loses legal aid funding.

judge orders family report to determine custody.

problems from this outcome:

no communication and the bio mum just wants to play games.

bio mum despte a court order denies time when she fills like it.

father had child toliet trained - bio mum kept child in nappies - result child has problems with the toliet.

when child comes from bio mums does not POO in days and days. is on special lacatives and everything while in teh fathers care.

bio mum weighs over 150 kilos, the child always come smelling like she hasnt had a shower.

court orderd shared parental responsibilities, but bio mum cuts the childs hair in a boys crop cut all the time.

until father had it court ordered that it couldnt be done.

child has anxiety dosn't want to leave daddy

child wont talk to bio mum on the phone

child becomes distressed at changeovers when going back to the nio mum

so why the hell is this happining?????????

why wont the courts just give the child to the father

and before you ask! the bio mum is not unfit, over weight and feeds the child the wrong food, dresses child like a boy, and never keeps her clean. or in descent clothes, bio mum has anxiety and deppresion, and when child was first born farther had to take 6 weeks of work to look after baby because she couldnt handle it. bio mum lives with current boyfriend who she had a restraining order against, and who she had charged with asullt in 09.

farther meet me 3 months after bio mum and he broke up, we got maried this year becaust we love each other but also to offer the child stability, we have done it all right and the bio mum has done it all wrong i hate the court sytems its unfair


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thats sounds like a night mare i feel for you anf the father and the child court systems are unfair and this is wrong what the mum has done umm i also think that you should report the mum to docs or some thing

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