The meltdowns!!

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My son is 15 months old and he is starting to have meltdowns if he does not get his way! I am a stay at home mom and i am with him all day every day :) So i know the cause of these meltdowns! for exsample he loves watching mickey mouse! if we are watching it and it is over and we watch somthing else then he starts throwing a tantrum and it is hard to calm him down without playing it again! i want to nip this in the bud as fast as posible beacuse i dont what him to think this behavor is ok


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I use the same technique as Jenn but I do it a bit different. I send mine to their respectives rooms to calm down (mine are 3 and 18mnths) and tell them they can come out when the have settled down and want to talk about it. I then explain to them why they had to go to time out and explain to them why they can't have it (eg mummys turn or brothers turn) and if they don't like it they can go do something else. My 3yr old is quite a good talker and can tell you what's wrong and you can talk about it - my 18mnth just listens but I know he understands:) As long as they aren't hurting themselves or anyone else let the meltdowns occur!!

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I wish I could tell you that there is a way, but honestly I dont think there is. I think they have to grow into their emotions and control themselves. My oldest daughter is almost 3 and I have tried it all. Turning the tv off, asking her to do something else or watch something else, giving her a snack, ect. At some points these are all good advice, but some days nothing is gonna work. Sometimes even putting it back on doesnt help cus she is so worked up already..... Anyways... Good luck and if you find a miracle cure then please let me know! LOL :)


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Jenn - posted on 01/10/2011




ok i can relate my daughter was the same way. Let him have the meltdown.Ask him to stop an if he does not place him in another room ((where you can see him but he cant see you)) wait 1((age))min then walk into the room get to his level of height an ask him if he is ready to join you if no response say ok when you are done crying you can come out wait 1 more min an repeat this might take awhile but he will understand that you are the boss an you mean business

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my son is 22 months and i think ive read every book and tried every experts advice...i agree with kimberly. sometimes something works and i think, yes! and then i try it again and it fails. i hope someone has a good piece of advice for you because im willing to give it a shot! so far, i havent found anything that works all the time.

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Cut the tv. I could still try and explain until I'm blue to my 2 year old that I can't control what show is on TV. He would still insist that he wants something on. n The only times he had tantrums was when tv was on....then off. If it was off all day, he was an angel. We do maybe a half hour max a day. Not worth the stress and haul out screaming to get his way. I wouldn't play it again. Then he learns he can throw a fit and then will get his way. not a good habit to start.

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My daughter is 16 months and does that with Barney. She screams "Bawnee" when she wants to watch it and I found that she stopped throwing fits if I didn't pay attention to it and if she was polite and said it nicely with please then she would get to watch it again. He should be able to learn reasoning at his age and Dr. Phil says that it is good for them to get the emotions out but he needs to learn new tools on how to deal with those emotions rather than throwing a fit.

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Have you tired getting down to his level and explaining his emotions? I find this works well with our 2 year old. What also works well is offering other choices. So when Mickey Mouse is over just offer him something to do that he really enjoys. Good luck!

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