the thing i have hardest time with is my son flippin out so much that he holds his breath just wondering how do i handle that


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Rae - posted on 03/07/2009




My girlfriends son used to do the same thing.  He did it until one day he turned blue and she dunked him in ice cold water and he never did it again.  No that I am recommending this but it did WORK.  LOL

Jana - posted on 03/06/2009




My sister in law did this when she was a kid and the doctor told her mom (my mother in law) to throw a glass of cold water in her face.  She only had to throw water on her once, after that just the threat of "I'm getting a glass of water" was enough to get her to stop holding her breath.  It may seem mean but if he were to black out that would mean he wasn't getting enough oxygen and that could cause some minor damage to his brain, which would not be good.  The water seems like a quick solution, that doesn't envolve you getting frustrated.  He knows holding his breathe pushes your buttons, so by throwing water in his face, your telling him your done letting him "push your buttons"  

Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you.

Ann - posted on 03/06/2009




I know this is going to sound horrible, but ignore him. The worst that he will do is pass out, but he will instantly start breathing again. I know that sounds bad, but your body automatically takes over. I have a cousin that used to do that all the time and he really didn't like the feeling of passing out, so he stopped. Good luck!

Normalene - posted on 03/06/2009




well i am mother of 3 handsome boys there names are eli who is 11 and seth is 7 and i have daniel who is 20 months old=)

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