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My middle child is two and sucks her thumb... at naptime, bedtime, story time, any time that she is not actively DOING something. While I am for the most part okay with it now, when does this become a serious problem and how do I go about breaking the habit. Also, she has a blankie ("bookie") that she is terribly attached to. Luckily, I was able to put my foot down about taking bookie to public places like restaurants and grocery stores since I was so fearful during flu season, but when do I have to take it away for good?


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As a former thumb sucker as a child it is impossible to "break" the habit if she doesn't want to stop.
That being said, as my sister and I got older my mom started enforcing no thumb sucking zones and times.
So by the time we started school we were strongly encouraged to suck our thumbs only at night. School, meals and outside time were no thumb sucking zones. My mom eventually enforced it upon tv time/movie night.
I was probably 9 when I finally stopped and I just decided one night I didn't need to anymore. Given how teasing has escalated since were were kids, likely she will stop sooner due to peer pressure.

As to blankie. I don't think you should ever take it away permanently again just slowly start weaning her away from it so that it becomes solely a night time or sick/hurt comfort item.
At natural times of the day (eating/washing/getting dressed) place Blankie out of sight and then engage her in activity to keep her distracted from noticing Blankie is missing. When she does notice tell her Blankie is busy and so is she. If she presses the issue have her ask politely and then return Blankie to her.
Try and stretch the time between each time you tuck it away out of sight and her asking for it by a couple of minutes each day. Before you know it, she will be going the whole morning and then the whole day without it.
It's a stuffed Bear for our son and we started first by enforcing Bear was not allowed out side (unless going in the car to Gramma and Grampa's ect). Bear was not allowed shopping or eating out either because Bears aren't people.
We gave Bear his own set of rules that he had to follow and our son had to implement. Eventually by using the method I suggested above Bear spent more time cuddling with the other bears on our son's bed. Though our son insists that Bear must come say good morning and kiss everyone before he will start his day.

I hope this helps you figure out your own system for "weaning" your daughter from her Blankie.

Good luck!


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Nicole - posted on 04/21/2010




Are you sure you arent talking about my daughter. I have been wondering the same thing as you. I will let you know if I get any answers...

Morgan - posted on 04/20/2010




I don't see any harm in her having a blankie or any reason to take it away as long as she only has it at home. She will eventually not need it anymore. Our daughter is 2 and she has a stuffed bunny that my hubby got her before she was born that she has slept with everynight since she was born she can't got to sleep without him. But she only has him at home or if she goes for a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's. It's a comfort to her and when she is upset it calms her if it is gonna calm her I say let her have it. As for the thumb sucking I have no idea cause neither of my kids have ever had a pacifier or sucked their thumbs. And that is a hard one cause you can't just take it away it is attached.

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