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Leeann - posted on 01/16/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I just recently started putting my son on time outs, he has to sit in his chair for 1 min (he's 22 months old). I do the count to three thing, and it usually works. However when I do say it's time for a time out, he runs to his chair and sits in it and waits until the timer goes off. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that I don't have to bring him to the chair kicking and screaming... But I don't know if he is getting the point or not. He's a really good kid, not whiney and doesn't throw temper tantrums (Yet! I'm hoping it stays this way)

Has any one else had this experience?


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Shae - posted on 01/16/2009




I remember the first time I told my son (now 3 1/2) to go to his room (we had just recently started doing this when he was about 17 months old--we would put him in his room for a TimeOut), and he actually went by himself!  I didn't have to take him!  I actually laughed, and felt overjoyed that he had 1.  understood what i said 2. listened to what i said, and 3. obeyed me what i had told him to do.  :)  Since then, though, it's gone all down hill!  haha.  No...really, he is still a really good kid, and most of the time when he's gotten into trouble, he will listen when we either count to 3 or send him to his room.

My 22 month old on the other hand, is not phased by counting to 3 (she used to understand this better when she was 17 or 18 months old), and i now have to take her to her room if she's in trouble.  she doesn't listen...i don't know if this is a phase, or if she just chooses not to listen...and for the most part, she doesn't get into trouble that often, so i don't have to deal with it that often.

Amanda - posted on 01/16/2009




When I first started using a naughty chair, my daughter thought it was kind of cool to sit there. She would go and when I told her she could get up, she would just stay sitting there. But after a while she realized that it's not such a good thing to have to go there instead of playing. Now she'll go and sit there, but she doesn't like it. Now it actually serves the purpose.

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