Tips on how to move 2 yr old out of my bed! and get rid of bottle! :S

Kendyl - posted on 11/21/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my 2 year old still sleeps in my bed and its starting to drive me nuts. i was raised in a family where you have your own room, and frankly i don't ever remember going in my parents room hardly ever! I feel like i have no my time, i wake up she's right there, i'm with her all day and i go to bed with her. I love her but when is it time for me?? We have a toddler bed and she has slept it in before, beside our bed but she wakes up frequently through out the night just screaming or asking for a bottle. I also have to lay with her for up to an hour or more and wait for her to fall asleep! time i dont have at nap time!! (back to the bottle ) My second problem! I had her weaned off a bottle shortly after 15 months or so, but she wasn't feeling good one day any my husband thought she needed one. and its been a battle ever since. Now my husband is the biggest problem, he sees no problem with her in our bed ( yet im the one that has to sleep in the middle, have no control over if i get covers or if the both kick them off, and i get the feet in the back not him ). We have no "us " time either. .
we also have an 8 month old, who sleeps in his crib, i lay him down he falls asleep, he goes to bed between 630-730 and sleeps till 9 waking usually once for a bottle.. i wish she was like this!
We have a spare room, which i can move the spare room to the basement and move in her toddle bed and her toys and her clothes and make it her room. but i'm wondering if i should do it all at once? or go in slower steps? work at getting her to sleep in our room in her bed, then move the bed. its seemed to be too convenient in our room for her to just crawl back into our bed rather than stay in hers.
sorry for the long story lol, but the more info i give hopefully the more helpful tips can be!!
thanks for any advice you can give!!


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Courtney - posted on 11/23/2010




girl, girl, girl!!!!!! For one, ur in control u are mommy. ur with her 24/7. she should be in her own bed. I have two girls. they sometimes slept with me cause it was only once in a while, and there is nothing wrong with that. But i completely understand when u say u need me time, all moms do. Me time is a shower and bed. my suggestion to u is get her, her own room. set it up to where she will be excited when she sees it. Explain to her that her room his her own place, something that she is in control of and responsible for. Might sound crazy but it works. When parents give there kids something to look foward to and show them that their in control of something, they love it. Maybe set her room up with some activites that she can do in her room with u and daddy. Try to get daddy to back off with her sleeping in the bed with u. Its not good for her and sure isn't good for u guys, trust me. Kids look at that as a comfort thing, but as they get older they shouldnt be in the bed with the parents. The bottle is a different story all parents are different, try her on a sippy cup and again ur in control, but daddy has to back u up. and being on a bottle now with teeth can and will rot her teeth. When a child gets use to something and them they get it taken away from them jsut like that they freak, but eventually they will have to get of it, and i will keep saying this, Girl, u in control. Good Luck

Amanda - posted on 11/22/2010




I'm a do things slowly mama.
Our son(23 months old) has been bedsharing with us since he was a month old. We all slept better that way. Now we are expecting baby #2 in Jan(who will be sleeping with us), So we have been working on getting him into his own bed for the past couple months. We have a twin bed(bc he is used to sleeping in the big bed with us) set up in our room for him. That is all that is in our room, is our king bed and his twin bed, so there is only a couple of feet in between us. I like having him in our room. I have this fear of fires and what not, so having him close by makes me feel better and I think it helps him too knowing that we are right there. PLus I can respond to him quickly if he starts to wake up.
It has actually been going well. He has progressive;y gotten better at staying in his own bed. We have a few set backs here and there, but usually bc he isn't feeling well. LIke right now he is getting his 2nd yr molars in. So he woke at 3:30 this morning and climbed into bed with us. Once he was sleeping again though I was able to move him back into his bed no problem.
He goes to bed with a sippy cup of milk and I make sure to refill it before I go to bed and put it in the same spot in his bed so that he can find it easily when he wakes up. I have tried breaking him of having the milk at night, but I figure we will tackle one step at a time. First get him in his bed, let him adjust to the new baby and then adjust to our moving(we are moving in Mar) before worrying about the sippy of milk at night. He will only drink it out of the munchkin sippy with the soft nipple. That sippy is his security.

With trying to get her off the bottle-does she use one during the day or is it just at night? We first weaned it away in the day time and once he adjusted to that, we weaned it away at night as well. We just found a sippy cup that he will drink out of(there was quite a bit of trial and error). He is very picky about what he drinks his milk out of. For juice, water, smoothies, he doesn't care.

Jannelle - posted on 11/21/2010




I would suggest that you do it all at once. Paint her room, decorate it, make it child proof. Throw her toys in there and hang her clothes. Hopefully, she will realize that this is mine and no one elses and want to be in there. Unfortunately, she may cry or get upset but you may want to just let her cry it out. It will probably be difficult but she'll adjust soon enough. As for the bottle, my son use to get a sippy of water at night until one day we just decided enough was enough. Put him in bed, turned off the light and he eventually fell asleep. He hasn't had a sippy at night since.

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