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My son is turning 1 soon. He walks and says 2 words. Gestures some. But I was wondering what are the milestones for the next year? What should/could he be doing by age 2?


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By the time he turns two he should be speaking in longer sentences, he could be but may not be able to do the following:
Name colors (generally red, blue and yellow)
Name some shapes (generally square, circle, triangle and star)
Count by rote (meaning he just says it but can't actually show you how many a number actually is)
Sing his abcs --generally not sung 100% correct, but you know it's the abcs because of the tune and generally the beginning and end
May be able to identify some letters from the alphabet
May be able to drink from a regular cup
Should be able to use a spoon/fork but still prefer his hands
Name people closest to him
Identify animals and sounds
Kick and throw a ball (not necessarily with any good aim)
Climb up and down stairs (with supervision and sometimes help)
Get up and down off a chair with little help
Be able to make marks with a crayon, not necessarily anything meaningful, depends on the child
Start role playing --play house, pretend to be a handy man
Show some interest of playing with others, but mainly will play beside (called parallel play)

Some children achieve these quicker then others and some can take until they have turned 3 to achieve them.
Do not compare your child to other children his age, they develop at their own pace and through what interests them.
If your son really likes stories he may develop letter recognition and singing his abcs faster then learning to count.
How fast they learn and absorb things will astound you. My son still continues to astound me and I have worked in child care for 10 years. My son will be two in 4 weeks.

Have fun and enjoy!


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Melissa - posted on 08/30/2010




We used and to find alot of the milestone for our son and daughter. We found them as well as our pediatrician very helpful. Always remember, each child develops at his or her own pace.

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I have a book fromthe American Acadamy of pediatrics that has a concise chapter for each year and also has side panels that list the typical milestones...I find it very helpful.

Chloé - posted on 08/29/2010




when I first had my daughter I went to a website ( dot com in the USA) and it sent me monthly updates about milestones and different articles. It helped me out a lot. check it out.

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