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I have a 20 month old son and we just found out that he as three cavities yesterday. He has had ALL of his teeth, including his molars, come in by 13 months. At first I thought I was lucky because he could eat solid foods and not have a problem chewing. Now I wish they came in a little later. I feel if they came in later, he wouldn't have a problem letting me brush his teeth, and cavities would have never formed.

I feel like a failure because it's my fault he has cavities. I'm guilty of not brushing his teeth after every meal and even everyday at times. I know this sounds very stupid, but I never thought babies could get cavities. I just want to know if there are any other moms on the same boat as me. If so, what have you done, or doing, to help prevent more cavities form? Now I brush his teeth everyday, and if possible, after every meal. I also heard that some people are more prone to getting cavities. Like if you're born with a fever, which he was, 104 to be exact.


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It's a hard lesson to learn but just make sure that from now on you are doing the best for your child's teeth. They should be brushed at least twice a day, by you first and then he can play with the brush when you finish. Baby toothpaste is rubbish according to most experts in this country so we use just a smear of adult toothpaste each time and try to get him to spit it out at the end. Also what he is eating and drinking is important - limit juice to treats only and then dilute it to one part juice, ten parts water. Give lots of milk and water for drinks. Don't let him have sweet foods regularly and if you give dried fruit, give no more than an egg cup per day and follow it with cheese. Things like museli bars, fruit straps, sweet biscuits etc are not good for teeth so don't give these on a daily basis. Hope that helps.

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