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Jennifer - posted on 01/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Can anyone give me some advice as to when they took their kids out of the crib. I have a very active 18 month old, who I found today (while he was suppose to be napping) putting his foot on the top of the crib trying to get out. That is a long way down for him. I am nervous about putting him in a bed, in fear that he will not stay in there...Any suggestions would be great...


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Toddler bed with a gate works well.  At first I didnt like the idea because I thought I was trapping her in her room but then I realized I was doing the same thing in a crib and she was safer.

Joy - posted on 01/23/2009




My daughter just turned 2 and we converted her crib to a toddler bed right around the same time. She's very good about lying down and going to sleep so it's working well. The few times she has gotten out of bed, we just remind her that if she doesn't stay in bed, it'll go back to a crib, and she lies right down. But don't try to switch from a crib if your child isn't staying in pretty much one position all night. If your child just isn't ready for the switch (and I would't expect him to be at 18 months), you can look for a mesh top that turns the crib into something like a tent. I think One Step Ahead sells them.

Evelyn - posted on 01/20/2009




My son started climbing out of his crib around the same age. We had to ditch the play yard too, since he could get out of it if he tried. Which he always did whenever I left the room. I tried to convert his crib to the toddler bed (one side of the crib came off) but then he just climbed in and out and wouldn't lie down. Eventually, we just put his crib mattress on the floor and put a gate in his doorway. That way, he was trapped in his room but could still see out and could call to us if he needed us. He usually rolls at night and would often end up sleeping on the floor. But at least he slept! It took a while for us and him to adjust, and it was rough. Hang in there! Good luck.

P.S. We just transitioned him to a twin bed over the weekend, and it's a whole new ball game... :)

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