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my 2yr old keeps telling me she doesnt like her toddler bed and wants a big one like her cousin which is only a twin bed. its really hard to get her to sleep in her bed. she will after awhile at night but naps she seems to sneak in my bed. she doesnt need me to sleep with her or anything. do you think she is uncomfortable in her bed or is just being ownry and doesnt need a twin bed. idk if i should go buy her a twin bed and get rid of the toddler bed.


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Krystal - posted on 03/25/2009




thank you so much. i love this site better than cafemom it just seems moms help more here. yea i wasnt sure what we should have gotten her when we switched her over i will start looking for a bed for her.

Holly - posted on 03/25/2009




If it will help her sleep and make her feel like a "big girl" go for it. We actually got our 1 and a half year old a twin (we did not want to pay for both toddler and twin) but we put the mattress on the floor right now until I feel it is safe enough. I suggest bed rails or lots of cushioning on the floor for your girl : )

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My 2 year old loves his twin bed. I wanted to get a bed that he wouldn't outgrow so we skipped the toddler bed. You can push one side of the bed against the wall and get a rail for the other side. Perhaps she will feel more comfortable in it since she'll have more room. You can also talk it up that if she gets a big girl bed like her cousin then it means she has to sleep in it all night. I know a lot of parents that start the bed with just the box springs and mattress on the floor. That way the bed doesn't sit up too high. Then they add a nice bed frame when they are a little older.

Cheryl - posted on 03/25/2009




I say go for it! get rails and whatever it takes for you to feel more comfortable with it! in my family I dont think one child has ever had a toddler bed went to a big kid bed with a stool and rails!

Good luck

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