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Jessica - posted on 07/31/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I just moved, and my living arrangments have changed, and so I am trying to keep Matthew, who is turning 3 on September 19th, in his toddler bed. Where I used to live, I put him in his room, and put one of those covers over the door handle, preventing him from opening his door. My struggle is keeping him in his bed at night. We are now at a place where I can't use those covers, and he keeps getting out of bed at night. I have tried time out, strict bedtime routine, baths before bed, taking his blanket away if he gets out of bed, I mean I've tried everything, and I just can't keep him in bed! What can I do? He's ready, because he asks to sleep in his toddler bed at night, but he doesn't stay in it... and I don't have the energy to keep going through the same up and down every night until 11 PM or so when I have to work the next day!

Any suggestions?


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Krista - posted on 07/31/2009




Do you not have doors? Or are the handles a different shape? If he has his own room but a door that you can't put a knob slip on, consider reversing the locking mechanism or buying a locking mechanism so it locks from the outside. Or, put a baby gate in the doorway. It acts the same. That, or you just have to keep putting him back and putting him back. Sooner or later he'll get the picture and just get tired of fighting you.

Zeudi - posted on 07/31/2009




All you can do is keep putting him back into his own bed. Try getting him to bed at 8:00pm. It takes more than a few weeks though. took me about a month with my middle child and now he sleeps all night same with my 2 1/2 year old. Takes a lot of time. As for his getting out of the bed, put him back in tell him its time for bed then leave right away. if he gets out again put him back to bed say night night and leave right away if he does it again just put him in don't say anything and leave right away don't talk to him and if he does it again do it again without saying anything. sooner or later he'll get the point. got that from supernanny. worked for me. good luck

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