Toddler Sleeping Problems...Please Share Suggestions!!!

Merrissa - posted on 08/02/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there!

So here is my problem - I used to work retail, up until a week ago, some nights until 10pm or a little later. I had to pick my 2 year old son up at the sitter probably 2 or 3 nights a week at 1030 or so. So needless to say, once I got him out of the sitters, in the car, back in the house and ready for bed, he was wide awake and got his second most of those nights, he'd be up till midnight before he'd conk out.

Since I left my job for maternity leave (pregnant again, yay!) I am experiencing the issue of him having some very odd sleep habits. The past little while has been exceptionally bad. For example: yesterday he wouldn't nap at his old time (around 1 or 2 pm) and fell asleep in his high chair at 5...and there was no waking him, so I let him have a nap. He was up until midnight, and this morning, didn't stir until 1130...usually, for the most part when I'm not working, he is my alarm clock, so I wake with him. I jumped out of bed at 1030 because it scared me that he wasn't up yet.

So tonight, since he woke so late, I put him to bed at 830, and he fell asleep...and I figured he'd be out for the night ...but he woke at 1030 and it is now 130...and he is still awake. I just wonder how I can get him back on a relatively normal schedule...I've tried many of the suggestions out there - maybe someone can give me some fresh advice?? :)

Thanks! ♥


September - posted on 08/02/2012




Create a new routine and stick to it. It may take several days for him to adjust but he'll get there. Using our son as an example...He no longer naps, we start our bed time routine around 7:30pm. He takes a bath, we read a few books, and then we cuddle in bed until he falls asleep. He wakes at 7am on week days and 8am on weekends. We rarely stray from our routine so once we start bath time he knows bed time is right around the corner. Good luck!

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