Toddler stopped taking naps!! Help!!!

Shannon - posted on 05/28/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 19month old was put on a schedule for her sleep. She would take a nap which would last for about 1hr/1hr and 30min. then she would go to bed by 7:30/8pm (typical day). Now since she's able to get around the house good she doesn't want to take them anymore. Now when we lay her down for a nap she climbs out her crib and opens the door (if the door is closed) and comes right back out and begins to play. With her not taking a nap during the day it's driving me and my hubby CRAZY and it's pushed her nightly schedule off until 10pm!!!! What do I do? :(


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LoriAnn - posted on 05/31/2010




My son is 2 1/2 years old and he still takes nap but there are a few times he didn't want to take one at all and that was fine because he went to bed right away.

Jodie - posted on 05/31/2010




Ita gonna be tough, but you must keep returning her to her bed, with,keep repeating that its rest/sleep time, eventually shewill give in. It might take two hours the first time, but if you stick with it it shouldn't take more than a week, its very inportant that rest time and bed time are at the same time each day, also the whole bath and bed time routine should not take more than an hour. Good luck!

Katherine - posted on 05/30/2010




My daughter went through a phase like that. It lasted a few weeks. She was cutting teeth though. Now she went from no naps to 2 naps. Go figure.

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