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I have barely slept all week and can hardly function. Need help! It I have a 21 month old who has started waking up during the night again. She has been going to sleep on her own at bedtime and naps since 3 months and sleeping through since 6 months. She still always cries/screams when we put her to bed and wakes up crying in the mornings. But now she wakes up crying during the night too, sometimes every couple hours. My husband sometimes goes in and tells her to lie down, it's not morning yet (she's still in a crib but we will be transitioning to a big bed in the next couple months) and after 15-30 min of crying she will go back to sleep. Any ideas on what we can do to help her get back to sleeping through the night? Should we just not go in at all anymore? She wakes up early too (5:30-6am) and we will sometimes bring her into bed with us in the morning. That's probably caused some of the problems. I wonder if we should just leave her until a set time (6am) and not go in until then no matter how much she cries? Or is that mean? It is dark when she wakes up in the morning so when she wakes up during the night, she probably thinks it's morning. Or maybe she just figures she'll see if she can get us to come in. I don't know. I need help. I'm at my wits end - I can't function on this little sleep.


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My daughter was 25 months when she tried that with us.  You may want to check to see if your daughter is getting her 2 year molars.  Ours had just finished getting them and we finally figured out that she was just plain HUNGRY!  She hadn't been eating as much because her gums hurt.  If the other tricks don't work, you may want to see if she's interested in a later snack (something that won't keep her up).  The extra food did the trick and she went back to sleeping through the night.  We tapered off the extra snack the next week and she was fine. 

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Thank you so much for your replies. Good to know it might just be a phase - starting to get stressed out thinking I might not be able to get a decent sleep for awhile! Will try just going in the first time and that's it. Hopefully it won't last too long! I was just reading somewhere you can put a light on a timer and teach them that it is not time to get up yet until the light comes on...for before they can tell time. Might try that as well. Thanks again for your suggestions!

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My son did that same exact thing at the same exact age.  For us, it only lasted a week... HA, I say only a week like it was nothing.  It was the longest week of my life because of how tired I was.  After the first couple of days, the first time he cried, we waited a while before we went in.  When we went in, we checked to make sure he was okay, had everything (blanket, binky) and told him that it was time to go back to sleep.  Then, we didn't go in for the rest of the night.  That took a couple of nights and he was back to normal again. 


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My son did that too.  I guess it's just a phase, but it doesn't last.  I always asked him if anything was wrong or if he had a bad dream.  I would hug him and kiss him and tell him everything was okay.  I would also tell him that I was going to lay on the floor for a while until he fell asleep, that way he had the comfort of Mommy being with him.  He would really like that I was on the floor.  He would lay down and then pop up every once-in-a-while to make sure I was still there, then he would finally drift off to sleep.  When he would wake up too soon, we would tell him that it was too early to get up and to go back to sleep.  I would list off a bunch of family members and say that they were still sleeping too.  You could also try a clock in the room and teach her when it's time to wake up.  My cousin did that with her daughter and it worked.  Good luck.

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