toddlers and stairs??

Sonya - posted on 07/07/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




hi just wondering what the average age a toddler is able to walk safely up and down stairs??? and should i be spending more time on the stairs with her? thanks :)


Danielle - posted on 07/16/2012




I have 4 kids & an old 3 story house that we moved into when my oldest was 2 & my 2nd 7 mos old. We have very nice hardwood floors & steps & I didn't have a gate that I could put up on them, so I let my kids go up the steps very young. My 2nd didn't really walk until she was 15.5 mos old, but she started walking up our steps before 12 mos. She was an early crawler (by 6 mos) & I let her crawl up the steps shortly after we moved in & she started holding on to the railing & walking up the stairs well before she started to walk. She just didn't walk because she could crawl fast enough to keep up with her older sister... A big part of when they learn is when you let them try & how often you have them do it, but part of it is just the child too. My youngest is 3 & I am currently working on getting him to walk up the steps correctly (1 foot on a step), which my 8 yr old (3rd) didn't master until he was 5. Every child is different, but if you don't let them do something for themselves, they won't learn how to do it...

And if she falls (which she probably will), she'll be fine! You, on the other hand, may not recover as quickly from her scrapes & bumps! (Spoken by a mother of kids who have: swallowed a penny which needed to be surgically removed, fractured an elbow, broken an elbow so badly that surgery was needed to set it, had stiches in the back of the head, scratched a cornea, & burned a hand on a black light. I think that covers all of the big stuff to date.) Good luck! ;)

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The more practice the better they get. My daughter started to safely walk up stairs around 18 months and were still working on down. Sometimes she will stop and I get nervous she will forget were on stairs and fall. We don't have stairs so its hard to teach when they aren't accessible.

Amy - posted on 07/07/2012




My daughter didn't walk till 14 months, and could go up and down stairs by 20 months with us there, by 2 she could do it herself.

Michelle - posted on 07/07/2012




my daughter was safely walking up and down the stairs by herself when she was two it depends on your toddler the more time you spend with them practicing the better they get at it.


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Sonya - posted on 07/07/2012




thanks for the advise :) my lil girl was a late walk around 18/19 months due to my very over protective nature i held her back :/ i will spend more time with her goin up and down the stairs as even with her walking she doesnt seem to pay much attention to were she is going :O i only ask as my stair gate at the bottom of stairs is playin up on me and wont close , thank yous very much :D

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