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Jackie - posted on 01/31/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 22 month old boy and trying to toilet train him. I have a potty seat that sits over the toilet attached to a mini step ladder. He screams every time I try to sit him on there. Does anyone have any tips??


Jen - posted on 01/31/2011




my son 26 months he did this but on the potty we stopped for 4 weeks tried again we am 4 days in n his doing fab this time n loves his thomas potty chair

Sarah - posted on 01/31/2011




Sounds like he is not ready yet. I would maybe get a little potty chair you can put in the bathroom. Just let him lead you right now. With the little potty chair there he might have interest in sitting on it when he comes into the bathroom when you are in there. Right now I would not push it....that will only cause frustration on your part and for him to push harder in not training. Just allow him to have that exposure and then let him decide what he wants to do. You may also find that once you stop forcing it he is more willing to do it. As he becomes closer to 3 yrs old if he is still acting this way then try reading a book or telling stories as he sits to distract him. He is still pretty young yet now though that I would not go that route yet. Boys tend to not be ready to train until 2 1/2 to 3 yrs of age.


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Ashley - posted on 02/01/2011




my son is 20 months old. i never pressured him to go to the bathroom but every single time me or my fiance would go (or my nephew who is 4) i would take my son in the bathroom and say POTTY!!! and i would get all excited after we go i let him flush and hes happy, now he points to his pants and tells me when he has to pee becuase he is so excited to go. im using the potty that sits right on the toilet seat becuase it makes him feel like hes doing the same.

i cant get him to go poop in the toilet though. he always tells me AFTER the fact. and if he does it while he is sleeping he takes his diaper off and puts it on the floor. he tires not to make a mess but it does. any tips??

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My son started to tell me when he would go "stinky" so I thought he was ready. We have a floor potty for him to use that can also be put on the big toilet. Something I read that he likes to do is when he goes poop is to take it out of the diaper and put it in the toilet so he knows where it is supposed to go. He gets to flush it and even say bye bye to it (I know, a little weird but funny) We have only been potty training for 4 days now and I can ask him if he wants to go potty and he walks to the bathroom. He doesn't use it yet but he will sit there for a min. My husband isnt here to help so its just me for now. When I have to go I take him in there and set him on his potty while I go, so he can get used to being on it. Right after he goes poop I also have him sit on his potty. I hope anything of this helps and good luck :)

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