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Ashley - posted on 06/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




did any ones child have to get there tongue cut at the base and has it effected there speech in any way just wondering my son is 2 but dosent talk a hole lot not overly concerned as hes picking it up but some vowels hes having issues saying not sure if its the tongue thing or not thanks.


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Christy - posted on 06/10/2010




My son was tongue tied and got the base underneath his tongue cut at 4 days old. He has struggled with speech and sees a therapist. They say that the 2 are unrelated (if the issue was fixed) but it still makes me wonder.

Amanda - posted on 06/10/2010




Hi there, my son was born with his tongue tied and he got it clipped when he was born. He is 19 months now and was a little slow at talking but now is starting to catch up to little ones his age. Also, my brother who is 11 years yournger than me was born with his tongue tied and he didn't have his clipped until he was 10 years old. When he was born they told my mom that they didn't want to clip it until he was older and if he had any problems with speech. He didn't have any problems with speech growing up but he got it clipped at 10 because he was going in for another surgery anyways and decided to get it done at the same time. What I know about it is that if there tongues are not clipped they may have speech problems but if they are not clipped they shouldn't have any speech problems due to it being clipped. To me it just sounds like he is a little slow at talking and will eventually pick it up. Hope this helps!

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