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Melissa - posted on 07/21/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




am looking for some advice from any moms who have travelled without their children or husband. I am going away on a 5 day trip with a girlfriend. My husband will be home with our son, and I am not sure how I should leave. My flight is early in the morning, so should I leave without waking him up in the morning and sneak out, or should my husband take him and me to the airport and have the whole good-bye scene? My little guy is pretty attached to me I am a SAHM. I am so nervous this is going to traumatize him, but I NEED to get away for just a couple of days so I can be a better mom. Any advice?


Erin - posted on 07/22/2010




I think what you should do is have your husband get him up a few mornings instead of you for a before you go so he will get used to that routine like Julie said. However, I think he does need to see you leave maybe not go to the airport. But the night before you go I think you should go out and pretend your leaving for the airport then go to the store or something let your husband put him to bed, then come back after he's asleep. I know that seems kind of involved but sometimes at this age if you sneak off and they don't see you leave they can feel confused and betrayed. All of a sudden your there and everything's normal and then all of a sudden your gone for five days.
Good for you for getting away for a few days all moms need a break now and then to relax. The boys will be fine without you Your son will NOT be traumatized by this experience. He may cry when he sees you go and ask for you when your gone but those things are normal. It may also help him understand that even though you leave sometimes you always come back. Good Luck and have an awesome time, you deserve it.


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Jackie - posted on 07/23/2010




I agree with all....def. let your husband do the morning thing a few times before you leave...but DEF. do not wake him up super early. He will be upset to watch you walk away, overtired b/c you messed up his sleep schedule and just totally confused. He will be fine whiel you are gone and the calls could def. upset more than help. Obviously call your husband frequently and see how things are going - but let your husband decide if he thinks it would help or hurt if you talked to your son.

Louise - posted on 07/23/2010




I agree with Erin it would be good practise for your husband to step in for a couple of mornings so that this is not such a culture shock for your little man. Of course it is up to you how you say goodbye to your son but if he is old enough to understand what a holiday is then just tell him mummy is having a little rest and is going on holiday and daddy is going to look after him and they are going to have lots of fun. Me personally I would not wake him to say goodbye but tell him the afternoon before that mummy will be going at bed time. This way he has all afternoon to reassure himself that you are coming back. Give him a big kiss goodnight and tell him you will see him in a couple of days when you want to hear all about what daddy and him have been up to. Don't make a fuss be positive and you should not have any problem.

Julie - posted on 07/22/2010




My vote would be to leave without waking him. I think the whole airport thing would be a huge, confusing disruption. Let the day be routine except for the fact that you aren't there. If you have time, have your husband get him up a few mornings instead of you.

I took a long weekend "off" to see friends this spring and I dropped my little guy off at the sitter (used to work PT) and Daddy picked him up. They did well:)

Oh, and maybe do minimal, if any phone calls. They boys will be just fine without you (probably) ... have them leave you to have fun unless they REALLY need you.

Happy vacationing!

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