traveling with a very active 1 year old

Beatrice - posted on 06/25/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




i will be traveling with my son for the first time and we are flying to ny i am scared that i won't be able to handle it. any suggestion he is super active


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Geralyn - posted on 06/29/2009




I have that same issue - we're flying next week. My husband is more nervous than I am. Great tips, moms! BTW, I am going to bring our portable DVD player. My son loves to watch animal and bird documentaries... too funny. Anything to keep my 14 month old entertained!

Mandy - posted on 06/29/2009




I have a very active 1yo as well. She is 18 months old and sits still for maybe 5 minutes. She never watches TV so that doesn't even keep her still. We are headed on an airplane tomorrow morning along with her 2 older siblings. It should be fun! I went to the dollar store and got some small party favors and stuck them in some empty containers that she can dump out and put back in. I also got her some stickers, Elmo flap books, coloring book (although she still sometimes eats crayons), wooden puzzle, and a deck of cards (she likes to dump cards out and put them back). Those are just a few ideas. We also have cheese crackers and peanut butter cracker sandwiches. I had a friend recommend suckers since they take a long time to eat. Good luck with your trip!

Jana - posted on 06/26/2009




I have have my daughter on 3 different plane trips since she was about 4 months old, she is now just shy of 2 years old. I would consider her active, she hardlry sits still, but she is always playing with something. I never had a problem on any flights with my daughter other then the crying when her ears were popping. My tips would be: forget about packing anything in the carry-on for you, use the space to bring as many things as possible for your son. If he has a couple favorite toys that can fit in the carry-on, take them away now, so he will be excited to see them again on the plane. Bring a couple new toys (that don't make any loud noise) Tons of snacks!!! Crunchy, sweet and something with protein! You can never have too many options when it comes to snacks, same rule applies, if he likes it, stop giving him that snack a few days before the flight, so he will be excited to have it on the plane.

Once you get passed security, buy a couple bottles of waters, one for you and one to pour in a smaller cup for your son. Yes you can get water on the plane, but if you bring it with you, you won't have to wait to get it. I also brought along "Crystal Light to-go" packets, so I could put them in the sippy cup for when the plane was on the way down. Having something other then water made my daughter drink to try to get her ears to pop.

It goes without saying, that when you are at the airport, keeping moving! Walk, walk, walk, I brought a beachball that I blew up at the airport so you can find a gate that on one is at and you can play with your son there. Just keep him moving, with any luck, he will be tired enough to sleep on the plane, no matter when his normal naptime is.

And if he does cry on the plane, just keep reminding yourself, that your child is not the first child to cry on a plane. Most people on the plane have flown with a child and if they haven't they will at some point. As long as they can see that you are trying to help your son, they can't get too upset (and chances are you're never going to see them again) Ok I'm done babbling, I hope something here will help you. Have a great trip!

Lynlee - posted on 06/26/2009




If you are breastfeeding him, then try to feed him during the flight - that will keep him entertained. Of course you could also bottlefeed and give him lots of food. Keep babbling on about things you can see out of the window. I have heard that the younger they are, the better they travel on an plane so you may be pleasantly surprised and all the activity and noise around him may be the only entertainment he needs.

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I know all parents wont agree with this but i bought a portable dvd player for my son to use when I drive to my parents house (4 hours). I pack 3-4 DVDs and a couple of toys and snacks.

Melissa - posted on 06/25/2009




Plan lots of activities. I often drive 3 hours with my kids, all four of them, the trick is to plan more activities than you would really need. Being 1, the activities you can do are limited. Pack some of his favorite toys, do this asap, so that when he sees them on the plane they are new again. As well as favorite books. Pack plenty of snacks. Be prepared to sing row-your-boat or anything else that you may be embarrased to do. I do knee-bounces to occupy my kids at dr appts. Bounce him on your knee while singing such things as; Trit-trot to boston, Trit-trot to Lynn, look out baby, don't fall in. Stuff like that.

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