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Im taking my 1 year old daughter on holiday in a few weeks, and we have a 4 hour plane journey. Do you have any suggestions about what to take/how to keep them occupied e.t.c.


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I have traveled with my now 14 month old son about 8 times on planes. I always make sure to have his favorite books, stuffed animals, snacks, sippy cup or bottle and blanket. Also as he has gotten older and more mobile I bring something new so he is distracted from moving for longer!

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plenty of snacks, plenty of books, and other things that entertain your child but can be done in a small space. I have travelled extensivly with my child. I try to schedule my plane flights around his sleep/naps - that way he is sleeping during at least part of it.

I didn't have a portable DVD player - although it would've been nice.

my son enjoys looking out the window and that helps pass the time. I also have found the aisle seat nice as it is easiest to get up to walk around.

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We actually took our son when he was 8 months old on a 5hr plane ride in order to get to our vacationing spot. I do recommend a portable DVD player to have on hand. We didn't have to use it much but when he started to have a tough time we played one of his DVD's. It didn't last long because at that age he really wasn't interested in DVD's but it helped distract him for a bit. Also books help us. We brought a couple of his favorite books and either read them to him or let him look at all the pictures. I am not a parent who believes in drugging their child so I won't recommend Tylenol/Benadryl unless your baby medically needs it. 1 more thing that really helped us is that we got him his own seat so he was able to sit in his car seat and have his own personal space.


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Gemma - posted on 09/14/2010




Thanx 4 that, i never thought about the dvd player, but that sounds like a good idea.

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