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I have a three year old boy who I love very much, but lately it seems like he's been possessed by the devil. He won't listen to me no matter what approach I try, he screams and swears at me, throws his toys everywhere, chokes me while saying things like "why don't you just die" and is always either hitting, pinching, or biting me. I have tried time out and taking toys away, but nothing seems to work. I have even resorted to spanking, and got no results. Also when we are at home he insists on running around the house naked. He will take his clothes off and refuse to put them back on. Another thing, how do I get him to start sleeping in his bed by himself? Since he is my last child I would lie with him until he goes to sleep, but I wanted to get him started sleeping on his own. I guess you can say I am a very frusterated single parent who needs advice on how to take care of an out of control child, before I lose my mind!!!!!! I donno if I am not doing something or doing something wrong, but I feel helpless most of the time


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oh my you have quite the difficult situation. Lets tackle a few things to start with:
You have a child who has several innapropraite behaviors going on - I would suggest dealing with those first, and handling the bed situation last as that seems to be the LEAST pressing issue of them all.
I am going to reccomend that you check out Love and Logic - They have books, audio CDs, even streaming video's on their website. Some of the information is free, some of it you have to pay for. But trust me - it is AMAZING! As a single mom I totally appreciate it, because I have to act as both the mom and the dad.

Save your sanity, stop feeling helpess.

If their methods don't seem like they would work for you, consider talking to your son's pediatrician and getting a reccomendation on a parenting class. You need some tools in your belt for how to deal with your son. Don't think that you should "instinctly" know how to raise a child! They aren't born with instruction manuals :) It is not only okay to ask for help, but it is the RIGHT thing to do!

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