trying to potty train my son any tips? thanks x


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Emma - posted on 01/28/2009




Hey thanks for the replys!

Am Goin to geta sticker chart and some food colouring later try everything i can :D

will update with progress!

Christine - posted on 01/27/2009




I have 2 boys, one of which I am at the tail end of potty training! My 2 boys are complete different personalitied, however where potty training is concerned, they were pretty similar in what worked for them. They both loved that I called them "men" when they went potty. I also use a few drops of food coloring in the toilet water. I let Gavin choose between blue or red (with the yellow pee it turns green or orange). He likes that he chooses the color and loves that when he "pees" on it it changes colors. And the good old throw cheerio's in the water and let them do "target practice".

I hope it all works out for you!!! Let me know how creative you get! =)


Kelly - posted on 01/27/2009




i have never potty trained a boy but with girl u leave them in their underwere and get them to tell you when they need the toilet and u can offer them treats or stickers everytime they use the potty and if they cnt keep a dry nappy for a week yanno over night them they r not ready to be potty trained

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