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Stephanie - posted on 07/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My two year old has been sleeping through the night for the past year; however he has recently been getting up in the middle of the night to play in his room. Does anyone have tips on keeping him in bed and asleep. He is actually getting up more frequently than out 8 month old.


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Jonique - posted on 07/16/2010




I put my daughter in a twin size bed with the safety rails on the side when she was 18 mo old and a friend of mine was very surprised that she was staying in bed all night because her 3 yr old was having the same problem as your son. unfortunately, she had to put him back in his crib because he needed the restraints of it to make him put himself back to sleep. It may benefit you to try maybe setting up a pack and play in his room to sleep in. Just to get him back into the hang of putting himself back to sleep. It has worked for my friend thus far.

Marlene - posted on 07/15/2010




try not to let him nap for too long/or at all during the day so he might sleep the whole night for you

Lori - posted on 07/15/2010




My 18 month old is doing this too... I suspect it is a growth spurt issue or related to the heat wave we have been having. She goes to sleep just fine, but is up for hours during the night. She has been doing it for two weeks, but slept through the night last night. I am just trying to keep her schedule as close to normal as I can and try and lay her back down each time she gets up (but she usually just gets back up in a few min.) I do all the other stuff that is supposed to keep them asleep... quiet dark room with white noise and a fan. If you figure something out.. please let me know!! A toddler around their ages should get between 13-14 hrs of sleep in 24hrs total. 11 at night and a 2 hr nap during the day. I am reluctant to try and change her schedule to keep her up more, just so she sleeps heavier... but it does seem to work.

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