waking up in the night

Melissa - posted on 10/25/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




so my almost three year old wakes up in the night and gets in to stuff how do i get him to stay in bed or get him to wake me up of he needs somthing??????????HELP!!!!!! he is awake when he is doing this


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Ashley - posted on 10/29/2008




I use a baby gate as well. He really doesnt like it tho if I try to put it up when he isnt lying in his bed. Luckily for me, I can usually get him to stay in bed long enough to put it up after I say goodnight. Some kids can climb over them right away, but it works for my son. I was too worried about this to even chance not having the gate up once we moved him to the bed. I hope that whatever you try works for you and your little boy!

Lisa - posted on 10/27/2008




Put up a baby gate in his doorway. For his safety. This way if he does need you he can just call to you but yet he is not confined to his room. We used our gate for a different reason he wouldn't stay in bed after we put him down. Now there is no gate but he does know that if he needs us he just opens the door and calls for us.

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I havent come across this problem yet but a good website to check out is Mamasource.com... It has been a huge help for me in the past

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