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My son is 17 months old and he refuses to walk!! He cruises along the furniture at lightning speed, but as soon as he gets to the end of it, its down on all fours and away he goes!! My husband thinks it has something to do with the fact that he had club feet when he was born, but since his feet have been correected, I dont believe thats the case. I think he is just stubborn. His left foot turns in slightly but he can get/keep it straight, and it doesnt stop him from cruising which i think it would if it was any kind of issue. When hes at the end of the couch I call him to come to me and hold out my arms, being just out of reach, and he cries and gets mad-he wont do it!! has anyone had this happen?? Any suggestions?? anyone else's kids late walkers?? Thanks!!


Anne - posted on 08/04/2010




Do you have one of those stand up walkers for him? One thing that really got my Emmeline going was I bought her a Wheel Bug. Check.them out at cottonbabies.com. I bought her a toddler sized one when she was 9 mos. and she used it as a standup walker and man, she was fast. The wheels.are awesome and they turn 360 degrees so if they get themselves into a corner they don't have to put forth so much effort to get out. When he starts walking then he'll learn to ride on it like a little car.

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