Was thinking about starting to train at 18 mo

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I was thinking about starting to potty train my son at 18 mo . Any advice?


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my son is also 18 months and i have started attempting to ptooy train him, i wasnt planning on starting yet but he actually wanted to sit on the potty so we got him a seat that sits on the big potty, he likes to go in there and put it on adn i will pull his pants down and take his diaper off and he will sit for a couple seconds and then get up and flush the toilet, im not really pushing it butim hoping that him showing the interest is a good start, i am delivering my second son in about 3 1/2 weeks and im afraid once he sees baby brother getting his diaper changed he would never want out of diapers, so im hoping we get him to like the potty before the baby comes home. I know he wont be even really close to trained but if he thinks he is a big boy maybe he wont want to be like baby brother!

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There are all sorts of signs as to if your child is ready for potty training. Do they tell you when their diaper is dirty? can they go for extended periods with a dry diaper? do they tell you when they are peeing or pooping?

REcently my son (20 months) started looking at the potty differently - so I bought a training toilet. I let him sit on it naked in the morning and the evening (I work full time and can't do a full day consistancy) and sometimes he poops or pee's in it, and sometimes he doesn't. When he does - big excitement!

But he isn't doing any of the other signs, so I just consider this a bonus - I am not pushing the situation. Most children aren't potty trained until 2 1/2 or 3. The last thing you want is this to become a battle ground.

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I started my daughter at around 20 months...but I only started by introducing the potty to her I put it in her room so she could sit on it when ever she wanted (clothed) and it just became like a fixture in her room like the dresser or toy box...about 3 weeks later I moved it to the bathroom and put her on it to use it...I let her sit for about 5 minutes and nothing happened I did this 3 times every 20 minutes and the 4th time she went...she gets a reward sticker and we made a huge deal about it yelling YAY and we called daddy at work (which rarely happens) for the rest of the day I put her on the potty every 20 minutes and she went probably 6 more times she was fully potty trained by 23 months and now only with only a few accidents....consistence is the key to potty training...you have to be committed all the time...I always set the timer on the microwave so it will beep every 20 min so we never missed a potty break! GOOD LUCK!

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