We went to an indoor playground today and most of the kids were close or just over two. The age for the activity was 0-6years. My little monkey is 14 months. She is as tall as most 2+ year olds. Today everytime a kid got within a foot of her she would scream in their face, stomp her feet and fake cry. The moms all assumed their kids did something took a toy or pushed her. One girl moved Autumn's hand out of her way, otherwise as far as I was concerned the other kids were playing just fine. I am quite upset because I have back issues and don't get her out of the house as much as I would like too. Usually, we get out of the house every week. Plus I try to make sure she is around toddlers 3 times a month. I feel like this is my fault, but I have never seen her act like that. We didn't even stay a whole hour and I decided it was time to go because she wasn't having that much fun. I am wondering Is this normal? How should I address the issue? Any insight would be welcomed


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Emily - posted on 02/25/2009




it seems that this is the first time she did it !?! i have a three year old and on some very rare outing i have left thinking 'who was that child?'. i wouldnt worry to much unless it becomes a regular thing. like us we have our days when we arent in the mood, she may have been tired or not feeling well !!

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