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When and how do you wean toddlers from thier nighttime and morning bottles? My son is down to two bottles but how do I wean him from his bedtime bottle and still have sleep thru the night?


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Vicki - posted on 02/24/2009




My little boy is 18 mths old he as a bottle at night and one in the morning.He's on the cow and cate 1 yr + milk.( That goes up to 3 yrs) It wont do him any harm having warm milk b4 bed.( how old is he?) Maybe switch from a bottle to a beaker.Hope this helps.

Nancy - posted on 12/13/2008




When my son was not even a year old he stopped using the bottle and went to a sippy cup at night and then slowly he didnt want to take that at night but he likes to have a sippy cup of juice and he uses it more of a security thing I think he wakes up and wants a drink of juice some and sometimes he doesnt but he took excellent to not having his bottle. Hope that helps.

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We nurse, so I don't totally have advice here, but here are some things I have heard of and some thing I do so I don't have to nurse my 23+mo. old son as much in the mornings. We're doing child-led weaning though since we're breastfeeding instead.

I give my son fruit smoothies (that have good vitamins, minerals, flax, concentrated fruit/veggie greens) and Kefir (probiotic yogurt), Ensure, juice then bananas and different fruit. I also add cinnamon, nutmeg, little honey and often molasses. He loves them and that's what we do in the AM... go make smoothies. He loves to turn the blender on. Then we do sippy cups of water throughout the day and night. Otherwise it's me still.

I have heard other mom's do this w/paci's so this might work w/bottles... tell their children there are other new babies out there that need the bottles and it's up to older kids to donate/give their bottle to them so they have them. Then put them in a bag and put them out on the porch for the bottle fairy or the bottle person to pick them up to give to the little babies. Then you toss them out. Good luck!

User - posted on 12/10/2008




I just stopped giving it to her. My daughter had a morning and night bottle until she was about 16 months. I decided to stop the morning bottle first and she was okay with it. Just got her up & dressed and gave her cold milk in the sippy cup with breakfast. She had already been having cold milk in a cup at lunch & dinner. Once we was 18 months I decided to stop the night-time bottle. Tried warming some milk & putting it in a sippy cup but she only drank a bit & then pushed it away. So I didn't give her anything after that. She asked for it the next night and I just said you're a big girl now and don't need a ba-ba and that was it. We still had our bedtime routine of books, songs & cuddles & just eliminated the bottle. I put them all away so she wouldn't see them. She still slept through the night, it didn't make any difference. And she started drinking more milk from a cup and eating more without her bottles. YOu could give him a small snack before bed if you are concerned about him being hungry. As far as when to stop, my doctor said she should be off the bottle by 18 months. I found she was getting more and more attached to the bottle as she got older and knew it would be harder to stop if we waited longer, so 18 months worked for us. Good luck!

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I have a son that is 2 1/2 and daughter that is 1 1/2. I just took all the bottles out of the house when I was trying to wean them from bottles to sippy cups. My son knew where I kept his bottles and when I showed him the cupboard was empty, no more bottles that was all he needed. My daughter on the other hand was a little different but when she seen her big brother with a cup she would start drinking out of them too. So I just got rid of her bottles and that's all it took. She was a little fussy about it at bedtime but I gave her a cup and let her fuss for awhile and she eventually knew that she wasn't going to get a bottle. My son also had to have his milk warm most of the time but once he seen that Mommy and Daddy were drinking milk from the fridge he wanted to also. I hope this helps.

Carol - posted on 12/07/2008




My daughter, Abigail, is 17 months and won't drink her milk unless it's warm and in her bottle. I've tried warm milk in a sippy cup and that was a no-go. Any suggestions? I'd really love to wean her from her bottles.

Jane - posted on 12/06/2008




Good question! My little boy has just turned one and i have just got him off formula and onto cows milk, he has one bottle when he wakes and one just before he goes to bed. I too, was wondering if I should try and change his bedtime routine so that he has his bottle earlier in the afternoon maybe and does not rely on it at bedtime? Easily said though!

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