What advice is there for my fiance who is trying to get along with my 3 year old?


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Kristy - posted on 11/04/2009




Thanks! They just seem to butt heads so much, and of course I want to see everyone get along. I know I can't force anything on either one of them, I just hope they soon work things out. I don't want to see conflict forever! I know she's young and full of all her 3 year-old-ness... but I don't want to see her not make a connection with him!

K.C. - posted on 11/04/2009




Fun things one on one. Lots of praise by your fiancee and don't over-do it. Don't make 3 yr old hug, kiss or anything he/she doesn't want to do, respect his/hers space.

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I'm a "step mom" , so I think I might be able to help ?

I gained their trust & respect by being a friend to them , not a mommy replacement. Now I can safely & proudly say that I am their mommy when they are with us.

Remember respect is EARNED not forced. He has to respect the child before it'll be reciprocated.

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