What age did your baby boy start talking?

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We have a recently adopted 19mo. little boy - he "talks" all day long, but really isn't saying words that are either russian or english - I am not really concerned about this, just curious about the experience of others.

Thanks in advance for you feedback!



Amybeth - posted on 03/07/2009




My son turned 3 on January 25th and he just recently started talking some. The doc's say its fine. He understands everything and can follow direction. We are just glad that he can finally communicate with us! He has 2 older sisters though that love to talk for him!

Julie - posted on 03/06/2009




My son was very slow to talk. He never said any more than one or two words at at time until he was almost three. I really think he was just too busy exploring the world and playing to care if he talked or not. And he had a younger sister who at 14 months old was speaking in sentences so he just let her talk for him.

Christy - posted on 03/06/2009




My DS didn't really start talking until after his 2nd birthday, it was EXTREAMLY frustrating, esp. since it seemed like all the other kids his age (both boys and girls) were fully conversational by the time they were 2 and he totally sucked at non-verbal communication!! But everyone kept telling me me that his language would take off after he turned 2, and they were right! Now my DD will be 2 next week and although she is MUCH further along in both her verbal and non-verbal communication, much of what she says is jibberish, I'm planning on giving her another 2 or 3 months before having her evaluated. As a side note, my DS just got accepted to a bi-lingual school he'll be starting Kindergarden in the fall, I'm a little nervous about it since he's been raised in an all English home, but all the informational sessions we've been to have given me the confidence in proceeding w/ the program! They are so amazing in their ability to learn. I've heard that the language center of the brain doesn't completely develop until they are 12. I also wanted to say I have alot of empathy my DS didn't call me mommy until he was 21 mos old!

Susan - posted on 03/06/2009




My son is 20 months and only has a few words - mama, daddy, duck, bubble, ball, juice, bye-bye. He's great with animal noises, though! My ped wasn't worried at his 18 month check-up b/c he does seem to understand what we're saying to him. Like you said, I wouldn't be concerned just yet as "typically" boys talk alter than girls.

Jennifer - posted on 03/06/2009




urg! lol, i was told that boys talk later than girls, and it sure proved true in our case! my daughter was speaking in 3-4 word sentences by the time she was 1 and a half, but my son is now 27 months old and is just starting to really communicate. he started making  2 word combinations just this week.

he is in touch with a speech therapist but the therapist isnt too worried. apparently he is making the right sounds, and demonstrates quite clearly that he understands.

i guess id get your sons hearing checked, if i were you, and if there are no problems, just wait awhile and see what happens! good luck!


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Anju - posted on 11/26/2013




My son is 21 months and only speak a few words, well after reading what other mums were saying i feel a bit relaxed. I took him to the drs and his ears were checked and she gave him some olive oil drops for his ears. she said there is slighlt wax in his right ear. She said apply this drops and it should clear his ears.

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My son started saying dada at 6mo and with a purpose (when he'd hear the garage door open) around 8-9 mo. He too hasn't stopped since. Now at 26.5 mo. he speaks in very clear sentences. He says things like, "Mommy, do you want this screw driver?" He is big into tools lately! Or, "It is Mommy's turn to watch the T." T being TV. Or, "Mommy, I need blueberries now please." "I want to pet the kitty, lala (our cat) ran away, she scared." "Where is my water, I don't know", LOL! He can say most anything and learns new words daily that he starts using. He blows us away actually!

Emily - posted on 03/05/2009




My son is 14 months old, and says a few words. He started when he was about 12 months. His vocabulary only consists of "kitty, mom, dad, no, done"

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Quoting Paige:

My son said his first word "Duck" at 9 months and hasn't shut up since ;) It's ok, I love it cuz talk alot too! People ask if he's 3-4 because he speaks so well but he's only 2 1/2 and very social.

And adorable too!!! 

Paige - posted on 03/05/2009




My son said his first word "Duck" at 9 months and hasn't shut up since ;) It's ok, I love it cuz talk alot too! People ask if he's 3-4 because he speaks so well but he's only 2 1/2 and very social.

[deleted account]

My son talked really early for a boy and now at 21 months can communicate almost anything he wants.  He can pair up as many as 6 words to almost make a sentence.  He also repeats anything you say.  Having adopted from another country it is difficult and you may have to keep it in the mindset of a bilingual home where many children just sit back and absorb the different languages and words around them.  Then one day just pop out full sentences out of no where cause they took the time to just listen and absorb.  Friends of my with a bilingual home have a little girl who will turn 2 this month.  She still barely speaks any words at all.  But she understands all of them!!!  

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