What age did your child start napping once a day?

Kim - posted on 06/24/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Our son just turned 1 and doesn't seem to want to take a second nap. He just sits up in his crib and entertains himself. Was just wondering what age your child started napping once a day and how long nap time is?


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Nancy - posted on 08/11/2010




Your lucky he will stay in his crib and entertain himself. A week before my son turned 2 he figured out how to climb out of his crib...he basically gave up his nap at that point b/c life became too exciting. Now he just stumbles around at some point in each day b/c he's so tired. On the plus side, he's usually in bed by 7:30 and pretty much passes out right away.

Kristen - posted on 08/10/2010




Too young for me, I liked the twice a day naps, but she went down to 1 at like 9 or 10 months. She naps anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on how long she was up before she went down. If she wakes up in the morning and takes her nap 2 hours later, she'll only nap for 2 hours, but 3+ hours means she will nap for about 3 hours and then she is up for 5 or 6 hours. It's weird, but so is she ;)

Dikeledi - posted on 06/25/2010




my son is 16m old now nd sleeps after 2pm,nd he will sleep again after 8pm,after he had played alot.cause he would b tired by then

Louise - posted on 06/25/2010




My daughter started napping once a day around the same age. I stretched her nap time to just after lunch and she has had this routine for 9 months now. Straight after lunch she asks for nite nites and is very happy to go. I let her sleep for an hour and a half now but when she was one she had 2 to 2.5 hours sleep. I now wake her up as if I let her sleep longer it affects her night time sleep.

Jennifer - posted on 06/24/2010




HOnestly, it depends on the child. My 5 year old moved to one nap at about 18 months and would still take a nap in the afternoon if you let him ( offically stopped getting a nap at about 4, but still conks out completely from 5pm at least twice a week)
My younger son moved to one nap earlier, closer to 15 months, and still goes down for one in the afternoon for about 2 hours at his child care m-f. Ususally sleeps a little later on the weekends and doesn't nap at all.
Sounds like you could try moving the am nap til after lunch- but if your son is happy to play quietly in the crib, I would take that time as your down time and enjoy! When he's ready to stop having that time, trust me- he will let you know. Loudly.

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