what are good activities to do with a 1 year old that can walk but doesn't like to sit still?

Katheline - posted on 12/23/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




all my daughter wants to do it walk around, make mess's with my things, touch things she's not supposed to. I know all kids do it. But I want to do things together with her so I wanted to know activities that me & her can do together.


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Jessie - posted on 12/26/2009




Like Erin said I would go for the stroller so she can push babies around. My youngest whose 3 now loved that. In high school i went to Four County Career Center for early childhood development. The kids were a little older, but some of the stuff might help. They had a sand/ water table in the classroom for the kids. We used alot more in it, for instance we made up jello and put in there for them to play with and it didn't matter if they ate it. If you don't have that you could just put some on her high chair tray or in a large bowl and you could hold her on your lap at the table. If you have a little kids flat table you would put a little whip cream on it and sit with her and draw things in it. These are just a few things I could think of. I hope something I said helps.

Carolee - posted on 12/24/2009




Make a fort if you can. It can be made by either moving the furniture in your front room for a while and using blankets, or just hanging blankets over the sides of the dining room table.

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If she wants to walk around all the time get her a shopping cart or a baby stroller so she can run ragged? Not really the time of year, but you can take her outside, or I guess in the house? and play cat & mouse and chase her all over? If you get all her walking out she may be more apt to sit and listen to you read a book?

Mandy - posted on 12/23/2009




I've got one of those as well. She's almost 2 and gaining focus on certain activities but still hardly sits still. She loves to do chores though. She loves to sweep, help empty the dishwasher, and whatever else I'm doing. She also likes to go to the park and play outside. I try to have her toys put away so if she wants to play with a toy, she has to have her other toys put away first. So she's learning about cleaning up after herself.

September - posted on 12/23/2009




Things that we do with our son that we all really enjoy is reading, singing, dancing, coloring and going for walks to name a few. Our son also loves to get into everything as well. They are learning so much right now and are very curious. Our son loves to be in the kitchen with me and likes to play in the cupboards and drawls so I made a cupboard and drawl just for him. One has some of his toys in it and the other has plastic bowls and such. I think that it's important to teach your child right from wrong but I also feel that it's important to provide the opportunities for them to explore and learn even if that does mean pulling all the ornaments off the Christmas tree LOL. Good luck and best wishes :)

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