What are some cheap and fun activities for a 2yr old boy, who is hyperactive and doesn't sit still??


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Faith - posted on 07/21/2010




I am not sure where you live, but my son and daughter both are high energy kids. I take them to parks a lot, but hiking has been a major blessing. I started one spring when my son was 2. We started out with short easy trails. We would stop and look at funny trees or pick up cool leaves. Check out animals like frogs, birds and chipmunks. By the end of the summer I had both my son and my daughter up to 5 miles and great family memories and pictures! When the spring came around again both of my kids were begging to start hiking again. The great thing is it's free and you can bring a picnic along with you if you want.

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When I'm trying to do things in the kitchen, my daughter loves to play in the sink with a bowl of sudsy water and a whisk. It keeps her entertained for a good 20 minutes. We also do bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Bean bags are great for making up games. Throw them at stuffed animals and try and knock over the stuffed animals or throw them in buckets. You can also "paint" the house with a stick and some water.

Julie - posted on 07/19/2010




baseball diamond, track, football field, lots of stairs(probably with help), safe water play, parks, school grounds (even if just playing fields), a field with a hill!, creek-walking, walking on rail road tracks (if safe), the home of someone else with a hyper toddler ;)

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We visit the park a lot and go to the local pool. My son also likes the play areas at the mall, Chick Fil A, and McDonald's. It gives him a chance to run around and burn off some energy. We have a kiddie pool for the backyard and he likes to blow bubbles, ride his tricycle, and go for walks. We collect rocks on our walks and throw them in the woods once we get home.

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