What are some good home remedies for the croupe? My son woke up with a horrible croupy cough.


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Hi! We also use a humidifier and I rub baby vicks on my son's chest, back and feet...then put some thick socks on him. Worked for us :)

Toshia - posted on 09/05/2009




I got a humidifier but mainly used it in the winter. The temp has dropped down at night than what it usually is. I'm starting it up again tonight. Thanks do much.


Christie - posted on 09/05/2009




Fill your bathroom with steam from the shower and sit in there with him for 15 minutes while they play or something, then go directly to the freezer and open it, letting him breath in the cool air for a few minutes or take him outside if you live somewhere cool. Also, use a cool mist humidifier at night while he sleeps. This is what my ped. told me the last time my son had the croup. Hope it helps!

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