What are some ways to stop deal with tempers in 8 yr olds?


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Try and teach him strategies for managing his temper. Tell him that it's okay to be angry or frustrated but it's not okay to hit, yell, or throw things. Perhaps designate a quiet place in the house where he can go to calm down. Encourage him to take deep breaths or count to 10. My experience as teacher has taught me to give the child space. They need a cool down period without a lot of talking from an adult. That only makes it worse and you can't reason with them when they are upset. So I always had a plan if I felt one was needed. When the student started feeling angry they were allowed to go to their quiet place (determined ahead of time) on their own and I would back off and have the other students leave them alone as well. I wouldn't try to talk to them until they had calmed down.

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