What are your indoor activities when its bad weather outside?


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Therese - posted on 08/23/2011




I live in Sweden and the thought over here is that its not bad weather its bad clothes. So most people still go out to playgrounds etc with their kids come rain or shine or snow. They just dress the kids head to toe for the weather if its raining with rain gear if its snowing snow gear etc. The same is done in the preschools. Its a big difference from my childhood in Ireland where you had to go indoors as soon as it started to rain. Its so much fun for kids to splash away in puddles etc without you having to worry about a huge wash load afterwards.

Chantel - posted on 02/23/2011




my son is 19 months old, some of the activities we enjoy are painting with pudding, coloring, bubbles, water play... we also invested in a ball pit for our basement... it's big enough for him now and will be good for the next few years.

Louise - posted on 02/21/2011




My daughter is 2 years and 3 months and we bake oat cookies which she loves to do, finger paint, cut and stick or play shops with either shoes or packets of food from the kitchen.

I have also got farmyard bingo which my daughter loves to play and some threading buttons from early learning which keeps her occupied.

There is really no need to spend money though as there is nothing she likes doing more than washing up or playing with the feather duster.

[deleted account]

We play chase, toss a ball, roll a ball, arts, crafts, music classes, all sorts of board games, cooking classes, safety classes, more concentrated schooling, and so on.
We do occasionally get them out with friends to somewhere that has tunnels so they can run off more energy. It also gives us moms time to socialize, vent, and brain storm.

Hayley - posted on 02/17/2011




we get all the clean bed sheets and linen out of the airing cupboard and make a huge tent in the lounge using the sofas as room dividers...then kit it out with all their toys and bit and bobs. Its loads of fun :D

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