What can i do regarding my youngest daughter's bad sleeping habbits?

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What can i do regarding my youngest daughters bad sleeping habbits, i have tryed giving her pain killer before bed incase shes teething and a warm cup of milk but she still gets up VERY regularly throughout the night from 1pm onwards, i carn't ignore her as she shares a room with her older sister..?


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Robin - posted on 12/30/2008




I have a 2 year old son who doesn't sleep through the night either. My husband or I will lay down with him to get him to go to sleep and then slip out. I find him getting up crying to have us sleep with him in his bed. And then asking for milk. When I tell him no to go back to sleep, he keeps crying and gets louder. I have a 12 year old daughter who sleeps in the next room and can hear every thing through the walls. He doesn't eat much either which is most likely part of the problem. When we leave the room at night and he's not sleeping, he gets out of his bed and opens his door. I find we go through this process for about 1/2 hr and by that time, it's way past his bed time. We need to get up for school and work in the morning, so we end up laying back down w/ him..... It's just a stage and yes, dicipline is definitely the key here.

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Thanks for all the reply's =)

Yeh, Emily has been teething ... Don't think she is anymore (well she hasnt got rosy red cheeky anymore and not biteing her hands) but as soon as i stopped using pain-killer. She her sleep has got worser, but i don't give her pain-killer now thats not worth it just to get her 2 sleep...!!!

She's neally 1 and a hlf year old...

And her sister is 3years old..

And yeah, i would love to put he into another room but i haven't got another room..lol..

And i have tryed leaveing her and doing that contolled crying but she wakes her sister up then i'm up with two..lool...

Atm i think shes not sleeping properly is because she just does not want to eat much, shes not ill or anything shes heathly, She just throws her food even her fave food just has a little bit then throws it..! The health visitor says 'No healthy baby will starve him/her self And that she wil eat if she hungry...And not to make a fuss about it..'

Shannon - posted on 12/29/2008




check out www.grumpymoms.com It is all about routine and being consistent. It is super hard when you have siblings but if I were you I would have my older one sleep with you just for a couple nights until you let your daughter cry it out because that is the only way, but it will be better for everyone! Good luck!

Janel - posted on 12/29/2008




We did the controlled crying with my daughter and used the book "The Baby's Owners Manual" it's funny and it helps. She does so good about bed time now she asks to go to bed at 17months. Good luck. I'd also move the older child to another room and use a box fan to drown out the crying for her, 2 sleep deprived kids is much worse then one.

Becky - posted on 12/29/2008




Pay close attention to what times she gettting up. Between 3 and 5 the stomach does most of it's work. If she is normally waking up at this time then she may be in need of digestive aid. Each two hour time span works a different organ. When she wakes up can relate to what that organ is needing. Keep a journal of the times and then talk to a homeopath or an eastern medicine doctor to help you. Often times it's the things you can't see or feel that are causeing the issues in their untoxic bodies. Avoid the pain killer unless she really is teething and it's keeping her up. You might have to try a bed on the floor in a different room if you are worried she will wake up her sister until you find out what is triggering her wake ups. Good Luck

Vicky - posted on 12/29/2008




Hi there, I would say try getting her into a very strict routine. You have not said how old she is, but I'm guessing under a year. In the morning start by deliberately not getting her out of bed until, say 7am. Then go about your day with different activities for her, outside in the fresh air always works....and then make sure her nap times are at a set time during the day. Give her tea at a set time, bath at a set time, then milk etc. I reckon you've got to be strict. Put her down for bed at 7pm after story etc etc and then just leave her (obviously within reason!) Have you tried doing controlled crying? I think you start by letting them cry for 5 mins, then you go in and just comfort her without getting her out of her cot/bed, then leave the room again, then leave it for 10 mins and so on. Your eldest daughter will have to grin and bear it until you've got this under control, after all you need your sleep too!!

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