what can i possibly do with my son for his naughtiness to be lessened?


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Tarynne - posted on 11/18/2009




my step son is 3, almost 4, and with his mother telling him to be bad and he learnig that he gets what he wants after a time out iv had to find other ways to discipline him. I was putting him in time outs for 10 mins, but now what i am doing is having him do chores. when my step son is bad, i will either have him clean an entire wall with a sponge, or pick up every leaf in the front yard til its cleand. with your son spilling milk on the tv, i would make him clean it up, however, he could also be jealous with a younger child in the household. My step son has a sister with his mother n her ex husband and he was doing alot of things like that, hurting his sister, and fghting alot with the parents. so he could just be jealous and trying to get attention , and thinking negative attention is better then nothing - not saying you dont give him none -

Mandy - posted on 11/18/2009




It sounds like he might need some more supervision and more direction on appropriate things to do. For the milk issue, don't allow milk out of the kitchen. This is something we have to do and I'm constantly telling my 1yo to leave the milk on the table. My son bit my infant daughter too. It made me so upset. I would give him appropriate discipline and attention and that seemed to help. I'm not sure if these issues are boy things or what. My son seems to get bored easily and then he gets in trouble. The key is to try to prevent the boredom. He has limited TV time and time on the computer. The rest of the time he can do some crafty things or coloring, play with his building toys, puzzles, book, etc. The park is a good place too to get rid of some extra energy. Hope that might helps some.

Junelle - posted on 11/17/2009




Quoting Anna:

Depends on how old he is and what is he doing?

when he's drinking from his feeding bottle and nobody sees him,he lets the milk spill over to our tv,and other appliances,he bites his brother even for no reason at all and he pees in my mom's bedroom.

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